Web and software development

Websites and integrations
for public and private

Extensive experience

With over 1,000 projects behind us, we have build websites, web apps and data integrations for unions, wholesalers, FMCG companies, e-commerce, the medical industry, travel agencies, public institutions and cultural centres.

For instance

  • The unions HOD, BUPL & CS
  • L’Oréal, Telia, GA-Import A/S
  • The Central Bank of Denmark
  • Ørsted Energy
  • And many more

Digital execution is the backbone of HTML24. We have accumulated rich experience by working with companies across many industries.

A project with us is characterized by two things:

Tight project management and high-quality code.

When we do our digital execution, you can expect us to challenge you on the technical implementation.

We use our vast experience to propose a detailed plan of action for building the platform, the hosting solution, updating etc. We take pride in our work and we deliver great results.


Websites & data integrations

The projects that we develop typically fall into two categories: Websites/-shops/-apps and integrations with ERPs, CRMs or custom-built systems.

We have extensive experience building beautiful, user-friendly front-ends and powerful back-ends, which make it easy to maintain complex sites.

An example is our project for BUPL, where we have built a new and responsive website with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that provided a consistent look across all pages. Furthermore, we have developed NemID integration with a highly specialized system in order to streamline the access to current and potential new members.

The Connected Healthcare

Among other projects, we have developed FMK integrations for Spot Clinics, integration with a mobile app for Atos Medical, and NemID and data-integration for Apotekeren. We have transformed radically the way healthcare is delivered for our customers by improving outcomes, connecting clinical and non-clinical data, and overall provider and payer effectiveness.

See details of these and our many other cases here:


Project went wrong? Let us take over!

Because of our experience and reliability in delivering, we are often chosen to take over when a digital project is derailed – either internally with you or with another supplier.

We work directly with companies and in collaboration with advertising and web agencies.

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SLA & DevOps

Ongoing maintenance of websites and other systems is a task that requires resources.

A lot of organizations prefer to assign these tasks to professional digital agencies so that they can focus on their own core responsibilities and tasks.

We take care of hosting, ongoing updates and further development, for many of our customers. This creates assurance and peace of mind for our clients.

We have developed an internal system that enables us to constantly monitor our systems and continuously analyze code, locate possible technical bottlenecks and ultimately ensure optimal uptime and security.

Sectors we often work with

Trading companies
Associations and trade unions
Scientific societies
Public institutions
FMCG companies
Pharmaceutical companies

Examples of typical HTML24 projects

Development of corporate websites
Integration with ERP systems (Nav, Ax, C5, SAP and e-conomic)
Operating corporate websites and systems
Development of B2B and B2C webshops
Development of custom-built systems
Development of booking platforms
Development of advanced configurator-systems

We can help you find your way through the digital landscape. Contact us today, and let us guide you.

+45 4241 6160 or bm@html24.dk

Bo Møller, CEO.

Bo Bo