HTML24 & unions: Process automation and digital transformation

If you are you looking for experts in unions and a digital transformation, then you've definitely come to the right place for digitalization.

From ERP’s to Modulus DMS to websites

In the last 10 years, HTML24 has had the honor of working with many exciting and competent professionals, including unions. Furthermore, we have developed for them:

  • ERP integrations
  • CRM integrations
  • NemID integration
  • Integration with custom-build systems
  • Fully integrated websites

Achieve and efficient workflow with data integration

Integration frees up vast amounts of resources and ensures consistent data across all systems. By integrating the above systems with each other, and with the rest of the union’s system, you could achieve a far more efficient workflow in your organization. Which in return will free human resources, saving man-hours spend on manual updates, meaning that all the relevant systems will always be kept up-to-date and synchronized, all automatically with less room for human error.  

Consequently, employees will have access to real time database, and every department will have the control of various systems with minimum room for human error, allowing them to coordinate and to perform their tasks more efficiently and and optimal results.


Our know-how background and our custom-built integration platform has given us the pleasure of building great digital solutions for the next Danish unions such as:

  • BUPL (National Association of Children and Youth Educators)
  • HOD (Main Organization of Officers in Denmark)
  • CS (Central Organization of Military Personnel)


We did not only develop a brand new functional website integrated with NemID and Modulus DMS. In addition, we have also developed a new functional front-end for BUPL.


Our team developed a complete new site with the following features:

  • Integration with Dynamics NAV (member database)
  • Focus on security
  • Creation of new members
  • Individual member sites

We are highly experienced in integrations, and we would like to help you to optimize your organization’s workflow.

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