Achieve your business goals with Umbraco CMS

Umbraco is Danish fully-featured open source content management system, that allows you to create powerful and flexible websites. Whether you want to create an online presence for your ambitious startup or well-established corporation, Umbraco is a fantastic choice. If you need to build a website with a complex structure or built-in .NET features, then Umbraco could be the right CMS for you.

Optimise your site

Umbraco is a very SEO friendly CMS. With Umbraco CMS, your website will be ready to start optimising from the day it launches, meaning that you will be able to reach a high rank on Google. This will in return, lower the price of your ads on Google and help you to reach the sought out 1. position, all of which, can increase your sales.

Umbraco CMS has grown heavily for the past 3-4 years, and it is currently by far the largest Danish developed open source. Umbraco is a versatil content management system, where you can use it to create fully fledged websites and shops, functionally complex shops or even a simple blog.


At HTML24, we are particularly proud of our ability to fully integrate business critical systems, using our very own integration system, we are currently empowering a wide range of both Danish and internationals firms, using this technology. In other words, we can integrate your website with both your finance / ERP system, your storage system, CRM, or even your old legacy system.

Our team has developed interesting projects for a myriad of companies and institutions such as The Danish unions BUPL, CS and HOD, Rigshospitalet (The Danish State Hospital), L’Oréal, Denmark’s National Bank, Finans Denmark, Atos Medical, Ørsted A/S and beyond. We have built their websites with a wide range of functionalities and implemented new systems to optimize their business.

Why to use Umbraco?

  • Open source
  • We can create any type of website
  • Good for the search engines (SEO friendly)
  • Easy for you to use it
  • Can be fully integrated with other systems

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