Technologies at HTML24

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

Microsoft Dynamics 365, NAV, AX, C5

Since 2011, we have worked with developing mission-critical systems integrations for Microsoft Dynamics products, Nav, C5 and AX. For more than five years, we have developed both our own APIs and interfaces to external solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics products. We provide Microsoft Dynamics integration that facilitates the exchange of data concerning, among others, products, users, discounts, inventory management and time registration. We typically work with e-commerce, wholesalers, associations and manufacturers running Microsoft Dynamics.



Since 2013, HTML24 has been an official development partner/app-provider for e-conomic. We are pleased to work with e-conomic, as a SaaS solution like this has a well developed API, good documentation and a highly scalable platform in terms of product numbers and transactions. The majority of our e-commerce clients are running either e-conomic or a Microsoft Dynamics product for financial management.



As with e-conomic and Microsoft Dynamics we have developed multiple SAP integrations. Several of our larger customers are running SAP for, respectively, economic- and inventory management and also business intelligence. We offer SAP integration solutions that will optimize your business efficiency and automate manual processes. With SAP integrations your employees will boost productivity and will get rid of certain manual tasks.

CMS + eCommerce


Umbraco is an excellent, Danish developed Open Source Content Management System based on .NET. We have created a wide range of Umbraco projects. Recently for 12 authorities amoung them, The Danish Patent Office.



Since HTML24’s start in 2010 we have been working with WordPress. The platform has evolved massively and is now by far the most widely used CMS platform in the world. We believe that it provides security for our customers, as it is easy to find suppliers and developers. In addition, WordPress is an extremely mature piece of software with thousands of plugins. Including both free and paid plug-ins. At HTML24, we have developed more than 500 web projects on WordPress platform. All developers at HTML24 have experience with WordPress.



WooCommerce is a great scalable and easy to use shop-platform. Since HTML24 started, we have worked with WooCommerce, which we think is an extremely good platform for a wide range of e-commerce projects. With WooCommerce you can painlessly develop fully automated webshops with automatic posting in, for example, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, C5 or AX. It also works with e-conomic and SAP. As WooCommerce is an extension for WordPress, it is very intuitive to work with and you get all the same benefits as with WordPress.



Drupal is a very widespread Content Management System with a huge environment around it. We develop and support Drupal projects and have done so since 2012. Today, we prefer Drupal 8, which is largely based on components from our favorite PHP framework; Symfony. We rarely recommend using Drupal for small projects, but we see strengths in choosing that platform for major assignments.

Programming languages and frameworks


Virtually all modern websites have parts that are programmed in JavaScript. JavaScript is the tool that allows us to develop websites that are not flat and boring. In short, JavaScript is the programming language that brings websites to life. To see beautiful examples of properly executed JavaScript , look at our cases for example the DR Koncerthuset and Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.



Laravel is the most popular PHP framework. It contains an ever increasing number of smart features that make web development both faster and easier, thus lowering costs. We use Laravel to a large extent, as it is fast and an efficient framework to work with.



Node.js is an extremely powerful tool. Node.js is briefly the runtime environment that executes the site’s JavaScript code.

Node.js is executing swiftly and works across all platforms. It saves development time (and thus costs) and ensures consistent results, regardless of which browsers your customers may use.



At HTML24 we have 20+ PHP developers. We believe that PHP is the obvious choice for a large part of the online software projects we are invited to bid on, as PHP assures our customers in all major parameters. Including the distribution, the environment around PHP, the learning curve for developers, the ability to find PHP staff as well as problems that can be solved with the language.


Symfony is a high-performance PHP framework with a sea of reusable components. We use Symfony to develop standalone applications, for example, data integrations, digitization projects and technically demanding system development. All our PHP developers have experience with Symfony.



.NET is Microsoft’s framework for developing, among others, web systems and desktop applications. We primarily use the C# programming language when developing .NET. Additionally, we are used to working with, among others, Umbraco, Sitecore and Dynamicweb. HTML24 is Microsoft Partner and therefore has access to support and software for developing .NET applications.



C# is our favorite programming language, when we have to work with .NET. We believe that most modern object-oriented programming languages can solve the same problems. Therefore, more often we focus on needs rather than tools. When the choice falls on .NET and Microsoft, we are excited to work with C# and Visual Studio. We have 10+ developers with C# experience at HTML24.

Digital marketing

DoubleClick by Google

We are currently working with several of our major partners on the production of items such as banners. In this context, we have some experience with Google’s platform, DoubleClick. We are officially certified by Google DoubleClick and are always keeping up with the newest updates.


We often work with both advertisers and publishers in Adform auspices. Our approach is technical, therefore we specialize in the implementation of the correct codes (pixels) and tracking of the right actions. We work closely with media agencies and end clients to ensure that the correct parameters are measured.

Facebook Advertising

We are used to working with the implementation of Facebook tracking and advice about retargeting and custom audiences. Our approach is, like with Adform, highly technical, so we advise agencies and major publishers about how to implement tracking pixels in the best way.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics has become the industry standard in terms of tracking on websites. Most of our customers want to track general data such as user behavior, visits and demographics. This can be quickly set up with Google Analytics. In addition, we have a number of customers who want advanced visualizations of various procedures on their websites. Including tracking of the actions users take on a webshop and tracking of when users possibly drop out from the purchasing process.



The world’s number one CRM and ERP solution, NetSuite provides its users with a unified platform that is truly dynamic. Streaming access to business critical systems like accounting, CRM, ecommerce, etc. Netsuite empowers businesses of all sizes. At HTML24 we provide NetsSuite integration to ensure full connectivity across your enterprise, reduce IT costs and optimize business efficiency allowing you to focus on key decisions.



With more than 13 million companies using it, HubSpot is an easy to use CRM that provides value and quality to your organization. Integrating other systems with HubSpot CRM will eliminate manual work, automate your workflows. HTML24 will provide reliable and secure integration with HubSpot that will make your business thrive and be one step ahead competition.



A CRM that acts as an umbrella for all the structures in your company used to guide interactions and relationships with customers. Integrating Pipedrive with your other business systems will boost productivity and will help your marketing and sales team to collaborate more efficiently.



Integrate various applications and data sources with one of the most popular CRM in the world. Created an an open platform as-a-service (PasS), SAP is a unique CRM that was designed to accelerate digital transformation.



Create delightful digital experiences by leveraging data management and analytical services with Salesforce. Integration with Salesforce will build an intelligent organization where full connectivity is ensured and your team will be able to receive real-time data insights, eliminate manual work and facilitate the exchange of information.



beautiful lines of code written in 1,000+ projects

Tools from our journeys

Throughout the years of challenges and travels with exciting customers, we have developed a portfolio of products, apps and standalone systems. We believe in custom development and custom solutions, but we have discovered that more of our customers want to solve exactly the same problem, therefore we have developed some extremely cool products on the road. Here is a selection of the most important.

  • KOEBT - Integration platform

    KOEBT is an integration platform for conventional ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, uCommerce and Magento and ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics, e-conomic and SAP.

  • Cookie Plugin - WordPress + Umbraco

    After the new cookie law, we decided to develop a user-friendly and simple plugin to manage a "cookie popup" via either WordPress or Umbraco.

  • 301 Redirect Plugin - WordPress + Umbraco

    Unfortunately, it often happens that companies forget to transfer the old addresses to the new, when developing a new website. For what purpose we have developed a very special plugin. Contact us for more information.

    301 Redirect Plugin – WordPress + Umbraco

    It is extremely important to make sure that old URLs (addresses) are forwarded when changing or updating your website. Contact us for more info on this.

    Contact Rasmus Aagaard on for information

  • Staff Management Plugin - WordPress + Umbraco

    A large proportion of our customers want a simple way to manage employees or contacts via WordPress or Umbraco. So we've developed a plugin for exactly that. Contact us for more information.

    Staff Management Plugin – WordPress + Umbraco

    It is often used to present employees or contacts on a website with information such as name, title, contact information and possibly a picture. We can handle that dynamically with our Staff Management Plugin.

    Contact us on for more information.

  • Autosuggest Search - WordPress + Umbraco

    Do you need the search box on your website to automatically suggest possible keywords or phrases? You are not the only one. We have developed a plugin just for that. Contact us for more information.

    Autosuggest search – WordPress + Umbraco

    Users expect to indicate suggestions for keywords and phrases while searching on a website. For that purpose we have developed our AutoSuggest Search for Umbraco and WordPress.

    Kontakt os på for mere information.

Open source projects

We believe in giving back to everyone out there. Since we started in 2010, we have been advocates of open source and collaboration. Not because we believe our projects must be freely available, but rather because we like to give back to the environment when there is an opportunity. On this site we link to the projects we have helped to develop and are happy to share. The projects do not serve any commercial purpose for us, but we are happy if other agencies or businesses want to try out some of our open source projects.

  • Table football/foosball league system

    We have developed a system to manage teams and highscores of your table football league in the workplace. We use the system ourselves at HTML24 and would love to see other businesses benefit from it.

  • WAYF integration

    WAYF is a Danish single-sign-on solution. Documentation has not been available for this system, so we have developed our own.

  • HTML5 template

    We have continuously worked to ensure an easy and smooth flow at the start of new front-end projects. Today we no longer use our HTML5 template, but we know there have been others who have benefited from it, therefore, it is open source.

  • Girokort reader

    It's not easy to find good documentation on how an "FI-Code" must be read on a giro, therefore we have published example code that explains it.

  • MBTiles / World Map generator

    Are you going to generate a map for an app or a web project? Then we have open sourced our MBTiles generator on GitHub. This code aims to cache maps locally so that you do not need an internet connection to browse the map.

The right tools
for the quest

We love technology

At HTML24 we are fond of everything digital, and we use a series of digital tools to manage and optimize cooperation with our customers.

Version control

BitBucket and GitHub are some of the tools we use to support our development. These are version management tools, and they allow many developers to work simultaneously on a project. At the same time, this ensures that our code is documented so we can subsequently transfer the full documentation to our customers.

Slack for internal communication

In order to ensure smooth and easy internal communication within HTML24 we use Slack. In Slack all employees, regardless of title, can reach each other on both mobile and desktop. We use Slack for communication about internal tasks, social events and projects for clients.

Own tendering and customer-center tool

Twentyfour is our proprietary tool. We use this internally to keep track of projects, offers and our customers. It is also where our customers can log in and download invoices from completed projects or view the offer.

The bar is open

When you visit our office, in one corner you will find a table with a range of different devices that match a well-stocked electronics store. It is our QA-bar (Quality Assurance), where we test our solutions on over 20 different devices to ensure that they function optimally across platforms and operating systems. These devices include old iPhones, Sony Ericsson phones, as well as brand new tablets, etc.

Google Docs and Sheets

We are big supporters of cooperation and security for our documents, therefore we have banned the use of old-fashioned word documents or other data that can be lost if a computer breaks. For all spreadsheets, documents and presentations we use Google Docs. This means that we can easily share documents with each other, work with the same documents, have a secure backup of everything and also invite our customers to keep up with what’s going on.

Basecamp for management

For all projects lasting more than one week, we use Basecamp, which is an online SaaS tool for project management and collaboration. With Basecamp, we can create ToDo lists, share documents, files, pictures and comment on tasks in the project, in collaboration with our customers.

We can help you find your way through the digital landscape. Contact us today, and let us guide you.

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Bo Møller, CEO.

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