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Salesforce integration with ERP, storage, webshop or other

Salesforce integration with the world leader CRM

Salesforce, n°1 cloud-based CRM platform

With 150,000 users, the world’s number one platform is Salesforce.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform, which means that data is stored on a remote network, making it accessible for your employees at any time and from anywhere.

It is currently used by Schneider Electrics, Unilever, Coca Cola and Aston Martin including.

Improve sales forecasts accuracy

By integrating Salesforce with your existing systems, you will have access to immediate synchronized data throughout all of your systems connected.

This results in a significant decrease in manual workflows. Errors will be therefore minimized.

For Atos Medical we implemented an integration between Salesforce and Atos’ website.

New leads now pops up immediately in the CRM allowing the sales team to connect with customers right away, in a very simplified way, saving time and speeding up response rates.

Optimize your business processes


Automating repetitive business workflows creates extra value by streamlining workloads and enabling your employees to focus on more value creating tasks.


As your organization automates human tasks, the risk of scaling your organization is decreased significantly.


With automatic and immediate synchronization, your customers' data will be consistent as well as error-free throughout all departments.

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Integration with Salesforce

Integrating Salesforce with your existing data and systems will:

  • Enhance your customer relationships management
  • Improve sales forecasts accuracy
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Improve potential leads management
  • Make data about customers accessible for all your employees

A marketing and sales automation tool

You will be able to automate manual tasks such as adding a new lead to the CRM database or welcoming a new lead with marketing materials.

HTML24 can help you

We have connected a great amount of business systems with each other, for a wide range of industries and automated many workflows.

Let us help you with integrating Salesforce with your already existing systems.

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