NemID Integration: Secure and protect your business and clients

Whether you need NemID to log on to corporate online banking, communicate with public authorities, sign documents online or send and receive e-mails, you will need security and integration. At HTML24 we take care of that. Our core specialization lays in the field of data integration and business automation. With a long experience in digitization, we ensure organizations with secure and reliable NemID integration.

NemID development and integration

NemID is a digital ID used by public, organizations and businesses as a security tool validate users and to protect against unwanted imposters. This will help your business and your clients stay safe and to manage and access all the accounts safely and secure.

Some of our NemID cases include:

  • NemID Integration for BUPL
  • NemID Integration for Bloddonorerne i Danmark
  • NemID Integration and e-Signature integration for Centralforeningen for Stampersonel
  • UNI-Login for Finans Danmark
  • Data Integration for DR Koncerthuset

Advantages of a NemID Integration

Besides security and easy access being the most advantageous, this service will help you and your business to simplify authentication for your clients while minimizing risks from compromised credentials.

Other advantages include:

  • Ensured identity of the user
  • Quick and cost-effective setup and maintenance
  • Simple to use and to initiate

At HTML24 we developed NemID integration for Apotekeren where we have made it possible for users to easily authenticate online and buy their prescription medicine. We understood Apotekeren’s need and we delivered a smooth running online system. This has resulted in less manual work for Apotekeren’s employees and their customers.

Who are we?

At HTML24 we are a team of dynamic and ambitious developers ready to take on digital challenges. Whether your problem is related to digital integration, automation of workflows or web development, we provide effective solutions that will improve business efficiency.

Working with various clients across different industries has provided us with extensive experience in integration of data, websites, applications and many more. We ensure secure, agile and reliable integration built for today’s fast-moving digital businesses.

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