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Dynamics NAV integration - Processes automation

Automate processes

Every business and organization is unique. But common for most organizations, is to focus manpower on value creating tasks. A way to achieve this, is to automate manual tasks through integration of business-critical systems.


Automation of workflow is achieved by connecting Dynamics NAV with one or more of your systems. This results in the systems being able to communicate with each other, saving time spent on administrative and repetitive tasks and minimizing the risk of human errors significantly.


Minimizing manual processes, workflows and the need for human interaction, will ensure a more scalable organization. Workflows that are automated do not need more human administrative workers, as your organization grows. This lowers risk when growing the organization.

Always up-to-date systems

By integrating NAV with existing systems, orders, invoices, cash flow forecasts, supply planning or payrolls will be synchronized immediately and automatically. This results in up-to-date, homogeneous and error-free database, for efficient organization management.

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Automate manual processes with Dynamics NAV

Because Dynamics NAV will be integrated with your existing systems, manual processes will be automated and digitized. This will contribute to a more clear, efficient and optimized workflow along with an always up-to-date database.

Integrating NAV with your existing system will

  • Automate processes
  • Fewer human errors
  • Ensure homogeneous and real-time data
  • Simplify order process
  • Optimize inventory and logistics management
  • Reduce risk of database errors

We have helped a wide range of organizations with process automation. Both small and large, public and private.

This includes automation done for Løwener, The National Bank of Denmark, The Danish State Archives and State Hospital, Finans Danmark, and the trade unions BUPL, HOD and CS.

“The solution is made to streamline and it works excellent. We do not need a lot of manual processes. Before we used up to 70 minutes to administer a course of 30 participants – now we spend 10-15 minutes. As our systems are integrated, we also release a lot of manual entries into the ERP system and the risk of human errors in it. It has generated a huge efficiency gain”

– Mette Kingod, Communication Executive at Danske Vandvaerker

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