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Adviser or developer?

Whether you are interested in internship in project management or programming, we may think that you may read IT & Economics, Web Developer, Multimedia Designer, Computer, E-Concept Developer, Information Science or similar study. We have a lot of KEA trainees and have been successful for many years.

Every semester, we are looking for interns in the following areas:

  1. Web development, programming and system development
  2. Project management, sales and account management

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Challenges and problem solving

Challenges and problem solving

Som praktikant i udviklingsafdelingen kan du komme til at arbejde med følgende:

  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • C#.NET
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • WordPress, Umbraco, Drupal, Magento og Dynamicweb
  • iOS apps
  • Android Apps
  • Systemarkitektur
  • Estimering af projekter
  • Integrationsløsninger

Sales and customer management

As a trainee in sales and customer management, you can work with the following:

  • Sales and advice
  • Tendering
  • Assistant work for Account Managers
  • business Analysis

We pack the good stuff in your backpack


All adventurers need energy before they take on new quests. Therefore, we have a lunch scheme that provides both hot and cold lunch every day.

Company-paid broadband at home

To be able to work at home, you obviously need to have the necessary technology. Therefore, we offer all our employees company-paid broadband.


We take pride in giving all our employees responsibility, including project managers, directors and office helpers. All have a common responsibility to our customers and each other.

Diverse projects

We develop everything from advanced business-critical systems for the Danish Parliament and DONG Energy to simple landing pages for L’oreal or Miinto.

Problem solving as the focus

We call a spade a spade and a problem a problem. On the other hand, we love problems – they always a have solution. Your job, regardless of the title, is to solve problems.

Relaxation when necessary

It’s hard and uninspiring to be glued to the screen all day long. Therefore, we have, among others, jogging, football and games evenings. Of course, only for those who think it is fun.

Internship for the curious

Are you one of the best in your class and feel you are ready to be challenged? Each adventure requires manpower and we hire new interns each semester. So you will be part of one of Denmark’s best digital agencies and working with brands such as Telia, Tuborg, DONG Energy, NKT, Julie Sandlau and others. So read more about our internships.

Each semester we look for interns in web development, programming, systems development, and project management and QA.

Code is my weapon
Problems are my prey
Results are my quest

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