FMK integration: Spend more time on key tasks

FMK (Fælles MedicinKort) is used by health care institutes and companies, and by all health professionals across the country. FMK will ensure that Danish citizens have access to correct and updated medical information regarding their vaccines and prescription. By integrating FMK, you can save wast amounts of time and resources.

FMK: Common medicin card

The exchange of data from FMK and other systems can be quite troublesome, often it is very time consuming to import and export from FMK to another system, so this must be done manually by the staff.

Fortunately, there is a good solution for your health organization.

HTML24 is one of the very few companies, capable of integrating FMK.

The solution is integration

Many institutes, clinics, hospitals and other health professionals in the medical sector are looking to integrate FMK with their other systems. By connecting (integrating) FMK directly with their own systems, the employees would be able to have access to real-time data and automate the workflow.

With an FMK integration, data is automatically exchanged between systems, automating work processes. Integrating FMK, will free up resources from health professionals, saving time and minimizing the risk of human errors.

HTML24 is the only agency that can integrate with FMK and Sundhedsplatformen. Our team has experience in integrations and have performanced for a number of clients, such as  Atos Medical, L’Oréal Redken, The Danish union BUPL, HOD & CS, Rigshospitalet (The Danish State Hospital), Finans Denmark, Denmark’s National Bank, Ørsted A/S and beyond.

There is a variety of possible outcomes in regards to integrating FMK:

  • Ensures consistent results
  • Increases patient safety
  • Fewer human error
  • Employees optimize their workflow
  • Saves time

FMK Integration Case: Apotekeren

Our client sells prescription drugs to the Danish market. To automate a colossal portion of their sales flow, we integrated its online webshop with FMK. Thus, the customers simply log in with their NemID (The official Danish digital citizens ID) to authenticate their identity. will automatically retrieve the receipts from FMK and be able to sell the patients the prescribed medicine. This was made possible by integration, which exchanges data  between FMK, NemID database and’s systems.

At HTML24 we are able to build FMK integrations, that are capable of communicating with any  systems in your health enterprise.

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