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e-conomic integration - Automating accounting & sales

Automated sales and accounting

We start by approaching every business as being unique. Our focus is to always provide the best possible outcome for your organization.


By connecting e-conomic to your business critical systems, data can be transferred automatically between systems. This results in a significant decrease in manual workflows, minimizing errors, and freeing up man-hours.


By integrating e-conomic with your remaining business critical systems, you ensure a more scalable organization, as the integration minimizes changes in the amount of human employees needed.

Up-to-date systems

Sales, invoices, stock level, membership status etc. will immediately and automatically be synchronized with any other integrated systems. This results in up-to-date database, efficient bookkeeping and optimized workflow.

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Automate your organization

With e-conomic synchronized to your existing systems, you will get a reliable, scalable and automated sales and accounting workflow, with less room for human errors.

This allows data across all integrated systems to be consistent, up-to-date and accurate at all times.

  • Allow systems to run as automatically as possible
  • Minimize waste time
  • Minimize human error
  • Automate bookkeeping
  • Site, warehouse, customer, finance systems always updated/synchronized

“The new system makes it far easier and faster for our members to find their own information. So we save ourselves a lot of manual work. This allows us to concentrate on other things.”

– Vickie Lind, Press Officer HOD

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