Drupal CMS: The way to grow your business

Drupal is a free and open source content management system, in which we can a multitude of different types of websites, web apps and digital experiences. As an open source platform, Drupal is license free and under continuous development by its large community.


We are a digital agency that specializes in web-related code languages like PHP, JavaScript and HTML. Behind us, we have a wide range of projects for both large and small organizations such as The Danish unions BUPL, CS and HOD, L’Oréal Redken, Rigshospitalet (The Danish State Hospital), Denmark’s National Bank, Finans Denmark, Atos Medical Ørsted A/S and beyond.

Optimize your business

Since we are specialized developers, we can integrate solutions between websites. Choosing Drupal as the CSM of your website or web app opens a wide range of possibilities. If needed, Drupal can be integrated with the rest of your business, for instance, your webshop (Drupal Commerce), inventory, or financial systems like Microsoft Dynamic NAV, AX, C5, SAP or Economic. Data will be exchanged between all the systems automatically, creating a perfect synchronization of data across all your systems.

Integrating Drupal with the rest of your business will:

  • Automate manual processes
  • Give less room for human errors
  • Ensure consistent data across systems
  • Save tons of man-hours

Reach all your users

We always develop websites that work stably on all platforms, so if your users are on PC, iPad, smart TV or smartphone then your site will work optimally. That way, you will never lose a customer and you will achieve your most ambitious business goals.

Our developers are highly trained in programming SEO optimized websites and web apps, and they will be happy to code your new site according to the rules of SEO, should you wish so.

Why use Drupal?

  • Cross-platform
  • Open source and license free
  • PHP based
  • Can be fully integrated with other systems
  • Easy to further develop

Drupal is a solid choice of CMS, where we have a lot of experience with. The possibilities for website development, webshop and integration solutions are countless.


Bo Møller is the Managing Director at HTML24, and he’s looking forward to hearing from you.

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