Digitization and process optimization

Automate workflows with digitization
to save money or raise the top line

We build on business understanding

Many companies have manual processes and lack of consistency between IT systems. This creates bottlenecks, impedes growth, and makes it impossible to scale the business.

This is often the case when customers come to us for help. They need to streamline and assure the quality of some processes, so their business-critical systems become a competitive advantage rather than an obstacle.

With the eyes in the right place!

Your digital solution is developed with a focus on two aspects:

Understanding business and digital process optimization.

That focus is inseparably linked with HTML24’s philosophy. We continuously strive to deliver results that our customers can benefit from – in everyday life and on the bottom line. And that is exactly what happens when we integrate business-critical systems and digitize manual processes.

Business first, platform afterwards

We start by putting ourselves in your shoes, understanding what you do today and what you want to achieve, and then we develop a proposal which details how you can achieve this goal through digitalization.

Our conversations will continuously move towards the choice of code platform, etc. But the programming language and the choice of platform is less important. We focus on how we can replace the heavy workflows that are holding you back today with new and more value-creating processes.

An example is our solution for Danish Waterworks (Danske Vandværker). Here we have integrated a website, an ERP and a webshop, which among other things made it possible to digitalize a series of otherwise time-consuming workflows associated with course administration.

For a toy wholesaler, GA-Import A/S, we have created a solution with our proprietary integration service KOEBT which has optimized both internal processes and customer service. We have built a Umbraco webshop and integrated it with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, making it easy for customers to order. To get rid of the gigantic and expensive paper catalog, we developed an iPad app. Sellers can use it to complete orders from start to finish while they are visiting a customer.

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Masters in complex integrations

Remove excess fat and cut to the bone

Automate manual typing, improve your administrative staff and avoid time wasted on old processes.

It is often about integration and getting systems to talk with each other. Automating manual entries, so you save time and avoid errors. Enter data in one system with data from another, so you can improve both internal workflows and your customer service.


And afterwards, we build

We have extensive experience building complex integrations of business-critical systems such as webshop, inventory management, ERP system, newsletter system, lead-tools, etc.

When the project is developed, it must be built, and we take care of that as well.

Digital execution is another HTML24 specialty, and we have over 1,000 digital projects behind us. Therefore, we are often responsible for both execution and subsequent operation of the systems we develop.



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A selection of the companies we have made digital process optimization for
Sectors we often work with

Trading companies
Associations and trade unions
Scientific societies
Public institutions
FMCG companies
Pharmaceutical companies

Examples of typical HTML24 projects

Development of corporate websites
Integration with ERP systems (Nav, Ax, C5, SAP and e-conomic)
Operating corporate websites and systems
Development of B2B and B2C webshops
Development of custom-built systems
Development of booking platforms
Development of advanced configurator-systems

We can help you find your way through the digital landscape. Contact us today, and let us guide you.

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Bo Møller, CEO.

Bo Bo