Scaling to millions of users requires solid technical architecture. Award winning Too Good To Go can now grow seamlessly.

An investment in growth

Food waste is a huge problem in the Western world. The people behind the super-popular and really smart app, Too Good To Go, set out to solve this problem. When restaurants don’t get to sell their purchased food, it is usually thrown out – and that is exactly the aspect the app revolutionizes. With the Too Good To Go app, users from all over Europe can make deals with a local restaurant to buy surplus food cheaply. Users get cheap food, the restaurant makes more money, and the CO2 footprint is reduced. Win-win-win.

The idea and the app was so good that Too Good To Go won the Nordic Council’s Environment Prize for 2016!

Due to increased growth, the Too Good To Go app needed an overall underlying IT system to be designed and built. The system needed to be scalable, robust and be able to handle the growing data and traffic on their app and website. HTML24 was chosen for this task.

Due to our tremendous growth and popularity, we had the need for a world-class backend that could handle millions of users and be compatible with our future desired components in our product roadmap. HTML24 delivered a superb service and today we have a very powerful backend which we look forward to scale out in the world.
-Klaus B. Pedersen, CMO, Too Good To Go.

The business in the center

HTML24 focuses deeply on our individual customer’s business. It is extremely important for our customers’ businesses to be in the center of both the process and the outcome.
It is a big task to develop the entire underlying IT system and Too Good To Go wanted to include their lead developer in the development of the new system.
CMO Klaus B. Pedersen had this to say about the synergy between their lead developer and HTML24:

HTML24 has been incredibly flexible with the task and it means a lot for us that HTML24 has invited our lead developer to sit with them, so they could develop the backend in close cooperation. It was a great success.


PHP, Cloud, Enterprise Stack, KOEBT, distributed integration, SOA, microservices, message queues, NoSQL


38 days


6.020 lines


Peter Heiberg

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The result

A secure future growth

The importance of scalability in a growing company’s IT system cannot be overstated. With more and more users, the underlying IT system should be easily upgraded/adapted to accommodate the increasing traffic. If it cannot adapt quickly, then the system can become overloaded and the user experience will be drastically reduced, which will lead to users leaving the platform.

However, Too Good To Go did not end up in this situation! The system is robust and extremely scalable.

Technical ingenuity

HTML24 built a completely custom underlying IT system called enterprise stack. The enterprise stack is what the users do not see. The system is cloud-based and can be accessed globally. It was coded in PHP and the architecture was based on our integration system, KOEBT. The system is very flexible and built so that components can be easily replaced without the system breaking down or having to build it up from scratch again.

It is a solution that, especially in the long run, saves Too Good To Go huge amounts of time and money and ensures a pleasant and smooth user experience. It is a solution we are very proud of at HTML24.

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