Calendar and Mailchimp integration: New website built for The National Bank of Denmark’s network group: Copenhagen Macro

200 years of financial safety

The National Bank of Denmark (the central bank of Denmark) was established in 1818 and the 200th anniversary will be celebrated with a large number of activities.

The Danish central bank was constituted with the aim of organising the monetary system, due to the inflation in Denmark which escalated in the period of 1808 to 1813.

Since then, its objective has been to contribute in making the Danish economic more robust by ensuring stable prices, safe payment and a stable financial system.

Make knowledge available

Since knowledge should be easy to share, The National Bank of Denmark sought out an experienced digital agency. They wanted to develop a user friendly website, for their members of the networking group Copenhagen Macro.

A website where the members are able easily sign up for events, like seminars and lectures.

The National Bank of Denmark should easily and quickly be able to create events and make an overview of the current events for their members.

The project should contain

  • Responsive design
  • User-friendly back-end
  • Google Analytics setup
  • MailChimp integration

The goal of the new website is to create an elegant platform for sharing Copenhagen Macro’s events. The website must be simple in design and easy for the editors to use.
The website has to show events, seminars and lectures for the bank’s network group, Copenhagen Macro.


WordPress, MailChimp, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS & BitBucket


39 days


12.350 lines


Andrius Bendikas, Frederik Borgbjerg, Lars Hagen

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Dong case
Dong case


Integration makes knowledge available was developed by HTML24 as an extension of The National Bank of Denmark’s existing website.

HTML24 integrated the email campaign tool Mailchimp, with the website’s calendar system, which handles events and signups.

The integration automates e-mail notifications and thus minimizes the administrative work and improves the signup process.

Elegant professionalism

Efficiency is the most important thing for The National Bank of Denmark, so the website has a streamlined, minimalist, and elegant design.

It supports the well-organized visual identity as well as its well-defined goals, which fit the expectations of the involved third parties.

The design was developed with a focus on the users and their needs. The members can easily sign up for upcoming events on the front page and see which ones have already been held.

The new site is

  • Functional
  • Clean
  • Elegant
  • Fast
  • User-friendly
  • Integrated with Mailchimp

A support agreement has been established between The National Bank of Denmark and HTML24, so that HTML24 maintains and hosts the website.

Dong case

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