Security and maintenance in the Copenhagen’s blood bank: Rigshospitalet chooses HTML24 for DevOps, support and a security update of

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Denmark is one of the countries that donate most blood per capita. Every year, thousands of Danes donate blood to the Danish blood banks. Blood that saves lives.

GivBlod is part of Region H and The Danish State Hospital (Rigshospitalet) blood bank. GivBlod takes care of administration of capitals blood donors, the members’ databases, acquisition of new members and operation of the Mobile Blood Bank.

GivBlod is largely engaged in their vital work. They hold annual events with awards and prizes for blood donors and have an impressive profile on social media.

Everything contributes to the fact that more and more brave and kind-hearted Danes donate their blood to save lives.  

Security is an absolute necessity

The organization’s website is a key part of spreading the good message about blood donation. It is therefore, of course, extremely important that the website is always kept up-to-date and is not crashing.

Obviously, an organization like GivBlod needs high security on their website.

When you sign up as a blood donor, you must enter personal and sensitive data, so the security of the website should be number one priority. With a rich background in web development, they chose HTML24 for operation and security on their website.

The agreement with HTML24 includes:

  • Ongoing update and maintenance of
  • Security package
  • Ongoing development of

Thereby, GivBlod can safely perform their admirable work, and with peace of mind, let HTML24 take care of their website.



Wordpress, WooCommerce, jQuery, PHP


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Focus on the right one

All organisations should focus on what they are best at. GivBlod helps daily hundreds of Danes to not lose their children, parents, colleagues, partners or friends.

This should always be their focus.

Security through safety

Letting a digital agency handle their website is an excellent idea. It gives the organization tremendous security that their site is always up and running impeccably.

If a problem will arise or the website needs to update, they will have a strong digital agency behind them, which will perform the necessary maintenance.

HTML24 maintains, supports and further develops a wide range of websites and web shops. If you need an experienced and professional digital agency for operations and security update for your website, please contact us below.


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