Web app with UNI•Login integration: HTML24 developed the online family tree web app for the Danish National Archives.

Denmark’s history

Rigsarkivet – The Danish National Archives, is Denmark’s remembrance. With 250 employees, Rigsarkivet aims to collect documents that have historical relevance or may have it in the future.

With texts and pictures, Danish history is documented. Historical treaties, history of ordinary Danes and documents concerning wars and kings.

It is a tradition that, in Denmark, goes about 1500 years back.

The basis of existence for The Danish National Archives is the preservation, as well as the spread of the Danish history. The realm of the archives is the preservation, as well as the extent of the Danish history.

Where do we come from?

As part of Rigsarkivet’s wish for dissemination and teaching about Danish history, they sought to build a tool that would be interactive and entertaining for primary school students, while still teaching them about the Danish history. The choice fell on an online family tree, which the students themselves must fill it with the help of the Rigsarkivet’s documents and archives. Particularly important was that the students were able to log into the system with UNI•Login.

“Integration with UNI•Login is a key part. We are very pleased with the results provided by HTML24.” –Mai-Brit Lauritsen, Project Manager, Rigsarkivet.

UNI•Login is used by both schools and universities to authenticate students and teachers upon login, it is in some way comparable to NemID but only used by educational institutions.

UNI•Login’s databases contain information about the students’ and teachers’ name, CPR numbers and school-related information. An example of its use is when school tests are to be taken. Here too, the students will log in with their UNI•Login.

Agreement between HTML24 & Rigsarkivet

  • Web-based app development.
  • Implementation of AM Copenhagen’s graphic design.
  • Integration with UNI•Login.
  • Integration with Facebook.
  • The given option to log in with either UNI•Login or Facebook.
  • Fully responsive – works on all displays.
  • Continuous maintenance, updating and monitoring of the system.


UNI•Login, data-integration, WordPress, jQuery, PHP.


121 days


29.618 lines


Dominick Chomicki, Velislav Peychev

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HTML24 has built using the latest technology in web development.

The back end of is very intuitive to use. It’s easy for our editors to expand content in the web app” -Mai-Brit Lauritsen, Project Manager, Rigsarkivet

Every computer, phone and tablet, had to have easy access to the digital family tree, it was decided to develop a web-based app. The family tree was built in WordPress with HTML5, PHP and jQuery, so the app would be able to work across all platforms. That would enable the digital family tree to be accessible by computer, tablet or smartphone.

Since the family tree uses UNI•Login’s confidential data, a high level of security measures was implemented on the site. The project was also optimized according to WCAG 2.0 standard and GDPR.

UNI•Login Integration

In order for the requirement of GDPR, we developed Rigsarkivet’s system, so that it checks UNI•Login’s databases for information about the users twice a year. If the user has not logged in for more than 6 months, the user will automatically be deleted from Rigsarkivet systems.

Our integration platform is extremely flexible and could easily be further integrated with the rest of the Rigsarkivet’s systems in the future. was an exciting project to develop. At HTML24 we have overjoyed work with the Rigsarkivet. It has been a great experience from start to finish.

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