New digital solution supports Nupo's customer experience with the focus on automation and integration of different systems

Weight loss, exercise and health has been a few of the top preferences on the Danes mind for many years. And with the vision to make dieting a positive and healthy experience, Nupo entered the market in 1981.

Since then, Nupo’s products have been tested and approved with more than 35 individual clinical trials demonstrating that Nupo is fast, safe and effective. Nupo’s export adventure began in 2010, and in 2019 Nupo had to invest in a new digital system to improve the digital customer experience for all their customers around the world.

The task is to create an exceptional digital customer experience

After Nupo’s export adventure began in 2010, in 2019 Nupo exported their products to more than 8 countries, which includes China, the Netherlands and Croatia, etc. In connection with future growth, Nupo was looking for a digital agency with expertise in creating an extraordinary digital customer experience for their online customers worldwide.

Nupo had a desire and expectation that the new digital system would support the digital customer experience for their customers around the world, as well as minimize as many manual and time-consuming tasks of handling for example productinformation and accounting.

For the purpose and expectation of Nupo, they hired HTML24 as responsible for creating and developing a responsive webshop focusing on their product, integration and automation of internal storage and accounting processes. 







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Dong case

The solution is an elegant and responsive webshop

Nupo and HTML24 have worked closely together in order to match Nupos expectations with the webshop. HTML24 has developed a new unique digital webshop focusing on supporting the digital customer experience for their customers around the world.

HTML24 has provided an elegant and responsive webshop where it now will be much is easier for the employees to control, as well as more user-friendly for their customers to navigate.

HTML24 has integrated a BMI calculator with Nupo’s webshop, which focuses on helping visitors to choose the right products. HTML24 has also integrated the new webshop with Dynamics NAV. This has resulted in a much faster processing of their customers on the site, as well as simplified Nupo’s workflow. All through our own integration platform, KOEBT.

The Results 

HTML24 has built a digital solution for Nupo, which makes it easier to provide more engaging informations, which will lead up to more sales online. The user-friendly CMS have made it easier for the employees to control the new webshop by adding new products, images and descriptions. With their new unique webshop, BMI calculator and integrated platform, Nupo can offer its customers an experience that stands out from their competitors. We are super proud to have Nupo as a customer and look forward to contributing to their growth for many years.

Dong case
Dong case




Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Postnord (via vConnect)


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