Mond of Copenhagen is disrupting the industry for custom tailored suits by develop and integration of digital platform used by both customers and employees in their physical stores as well as webshop

The retail industry is changing rapidly and it may be difficult for newly established players to make notice of themself. But Mond of Copenhagen is a different company. They have seen a need in the suit industry, and they have invested massively in a completely unique integration system. 

Mond of Copenhagen came to HTML24 with a desire to link the experience for the customers in the physical stores with the experience in the webshop, which will increase the overall customer experience for their customers. 

Their goal is to create quality custom tailored suits for everyone, and they want to be among the best in the world in custom tailoring. With that goal they came to HTML24 and we went on a journey with the goal of digitally supporting their mission.

Dress to impress with custom tailoring

The business model of Mond of Copenhagen is based on the goal to create quality custom tailored suits for everyone. It was originated by the founders of Mond of Copenhagen in 2009, where it for many years was popular to go to Asia to sew a custom suit. 

The brothers wanted to bring this service to Denmark, and they have invested in a 100% custom tailored solution, which is suits and shirts sewn according to the customer’s individual measure, needs and wishes.

The task was to create a unique digital customer experience

In 2017, Mond of Copenhagen had their focus on opening their third store, which meant an investment in integration of digital systems became a necessity. Mond of Copenhagen wanted the new digital system to support the customer experience between their webshop and physical stores, so that they could deliver and improve the customer experience for each and every customer.

Mond of Copenhagen was looking for a digital agency with expertise in develop, integrate and automate digital processes and solutions. HTML24 was hired to build a new custom POS system, a new custom webshop, and to integrate them with the inventory and order management.







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The solution is a unique digital platform

In a close cooperation with Mond of Copenhagen, HTML24 has developed a unique new webshop and a custom built POS system, where customers can design and personalize their suits and shirts from home and in store. Also, HTML24 has integrated the webshop, POS system and Mond of Copenhagen’s supplier system, iSupply, through our own integration platform, KOEBT.

With the new integration of the many systems, Mond of Copenhagen and their customers have the opportunity to follow every step of the production to when the new suit and shirt is ready for a pick-up.

Mond of Copenhagen is currently Denmark’s largest supplier of tailored suits and with their new digital platform, they are ready for further growth.

Who knows – maybe other markets are waiting for Mond to interact with them?

The result

HTML24 has built a unified solution for Mond of Copenhagen. The user-friendly CMS makes it easy for employees to add new products, images and descriptions to their webshop. With their new unique webshop, POS system and integrated platform, Mond of Copenhagen can offer the customer an experience that stands out from their competitors. 

We are super proud to have Mond of Copenhagen as a customer and look forward to contributing to their growth for many years.

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