High security and beautiful design - The Organization of Officers in Denmark's (HOD) new tailored platform saves time and money!

The goal

The Organization of Officers in Denmark (HOD) carries out the interests of officers and cadets in Denmark.

HOD sought to improve their digital identity with a new user-friendly platform for their 5,000 members, which better reflects modern quality and safety criteria.

As the site was to be developed for military personnel, the security of the site was paramount. Due to our previous extensive experience with such tasks, HTML24 was chosen as a digital provider for this huge task.

It was essential that the new, would be integrated with the existing member database.

The Mission

The Organization of Officers in Denmark’s wishes and demands for their new platform was understandably very high. HOD had had an elegant and beautiful new site designed, which was to be coded from scratch. The site focused on improving user experience for members and automation of support processes. The site should therefore be able to handle:

  • Creation of new members
  • Individual member sites
  • Calendar and news system
  • Blog / Chronicle / Editorial / Debate sites
  • High security
  • Easy to read and clear information to members

More and more people access the internet via smartphone and tablet. Therefore, HOD wanted the new to be developed ‘responsive’, so that the site works optimally, whether accessed via mobile or PC.

With HTML24’s almost 50,000 lines of code, has gained a profound overhaul and looks great!

“The new site has really become user-friendly and manageable.” -Vickie Lind, Press Officer HOD


SQL, PHP, JavasScript, HTML, IT-Integration, WordPress


69 days


49.211 lines


Rasmus Aagaard, Daniel Petersen

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Dong case

"The new system makes it far easier and faster for our members to find their own information. So we save ourselves a lot of manual work. This allows us to concentrate on other things."
-Vickie Lind, Press Officer HOD

Dong case
Dong case


Mission accomplished!

HTML24 developed a completely new site from scratch, with a new and improved login and user creation feature, that can handle the many members.

Each member of HOD also has its own member sub-page, from which the user can access his many benefits as a HOD member, change membership, etc.

“We are very pleased with our new site. It gives our members a much better experience and gives them direct access to their individual information on pensions, insurance, etc. “- Vickie Lind, Press Officer HOD.

The newly developed takes good care of visitors and shows HOD from its best side. It provides security for existing members and helps to acquire more new members.

Easy and manageable

The new site is made easy and manageable and works perfectly across of all platforms.

The same applies to the underlying system. Never have it been easier for HOD to update their site. WordPress makes it extremely simple for HOD employees, even changing their site content.

“The backend solution is really easy to use. We can easily make variations in the expression of the pages without it costing too much effort. “- Vickie Lind, HOD

Developing the new has been a fantastic and exciting journey, we are incredibly proud of the finished result!




Dong case

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