New website for the restaurant at the top of Christiansborg

Tårnet (The Tower) is a restaurant located on top of Christiansborg, in the characteristic castle tower overlooking Copenhagen. The restaurant is the result of collaboration between Christiansborg, the Danish Parliament and Bojesen.

In 2014, the partners behind the popular restaurant “Tårnet” decided that a website should be created for booking of tables, showcasing the unique view and advertising of special offers, etc. The design was developed by their internal communications unit, but the Danish Parliament put the programming task in a tender. This was a task with a very ambitious time frame, merely just one month (April to May). HTML24 accepted the challenge, offered themselves for the job and won. Web editor, Kristian S. Nørregaard, reasoned the choice of HTML24 as follows:

“We chose HTML24 for several reasons. They could mainly offer flexibility, efficiency and a competitive price, but at the same time they had so much experience with similar projects that we had confidence that they could handle the job.”– Kristian S. Nørregaard, web editor in The Danish Parliament.


Wordpress, Hosting, Dinnerbooking, Language control


2 days


4444 lines


Bo Møller

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Dong case

The result

HTML24 delivered a well structured website coded according to best practice in WordPress. On the one hand, the focus was to to create a quick and smooth ordering process for the restaurant’s guests and on the other hand to ensure that the administration of the site was easy and clear. In addition to the programming part, HTML24 was responsible for the hosting of the site and support.

In 2016, HTML24 and the Danish Parliament remain in a close, ongoing cooperation regarding updates and changes on the site.


  • Gallery
  • News module
  • Online table-booking system
  • Promotion-boxes
  • Responsive site
  • Language control on the website
Dong case
Dong case

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