Melodi Grand Prix, DR Symfoniorkestret and Danish Chamber Orchestra- New event website for DR Koncerthuset with focus on the DR’s biggest events.

Chamber music and heavy metal

Since 2009 DR Koncerthuset has held magnificent concerts with the world’s largest musical names. Names ranging from classical music to rock and heavy metal.

In a stunning setting designed by the international star architect Jean Nouvel, the concerts are experienced in all their splendour. The whole spectrum from sensitive violin pianissimo to breast-hitting tuba fortississimo is experienced with songs that speak to you and you get lost in the moment.

Whether you are drawn by classical music like Beethoven, Tchaikovsky or Chopin or if you prefer rock or The Girls’ Choir, you will get a unique music experience in DR Koncerthuset.

New opportunities

DR Koncerthuset searched for a digital agency to take over and further develop their current website, after launching it in collaboration with THINK. The goal was to draw more guests into an experience in the fantastic halls, but also to separate the Koncerthuset’s own events from DR’s events such as Melodi Grand Prix or The Christmas Greetings to Greenland.

Since HTML24 took over hosting and maintenance of the DR Koncerthuset website, we have developed:

  • Integration between Koncerthuset’s website and DR’s CRM
  • Ducksuite Integration
  • Auto-play background videos
  • CTA pop-up
  • Correction of the search engine

Separate sections

In addition to maintenance, a new website – is created. The website will take care of all concerts and events that are not held in Koncerthuset own halls, but rather in the rest of the kingdom. Before, information and sales of DR’s events were conducted through, but that has now moved to

This required DR Koncerthuset to change in order to keep events separate so no mistakes will occur over the place of venues.

In order to ensure a consistent and cost-effective result, HTML24 built a WordPress solution, that extends their existing website The website is packed with the latest technologies in web development and is a site that embraces everyone.


JQuery, WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, Data-integration, BitBucket


63 days


67.833 lines


Dominik Chomicki, Bao Nguyen, Sara Vicente, Wirawan Sanusi

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Dong case
Dong case


Attention to details  

HTML24 has performed several updates to The website is now running fast, is stable and equipped with new features. Between Koncerthuset and HTML24, a support agreement has been established so HTML24 manages the operation and hosting of the website.

Koncerthuset creates new content on the websites such as new concerts announcements and other exciting events.

Embracing was developed by HTML24 as a “sister website’’ to sell tickets in assistance with Koncerthuset existing website. Layout and graphics expressions have been renewed so the users can immediately see which website are they located on. In addition, the site has gotten a more streamlined and simple design, as it is better matched with visitors.

The website is developed in WordPress, which makes it easy, user-friendly and manageable for employees to create new content on the website.

Dong case

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