Less administration and fewer errors. Digitization of manual processes has made life easier for Danske Vandværker and their 2,000 members.

Within the organization, Danske Vandværker has digitized the majority of its workflows, where the secretariat had to juggle with key figures and course wishes from 2000 water plants, which reported on both mail, fax and over the phone. Everything should be collected and manually entered into the organization’s ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

We needed to make it easier to handle all the information. Among other things, we could see that our course offerings would grow, so we had to find a more efficient way of solving the task.” explains Mette Kingod, Communication Executive at Danske Vandværker.

Advices and challenges

HTML24 has been recommended to Mette Kingod, and our team of developers has been invited to a tour of the offices of Danske Vandværker.

We emphasized that they had the references in order and they were able to advise and challenge us. I like that.” says Mette Kingod.

Danish Waterworks switched to HTML24 because collaboration with a former agency went to the clutters, and according to Mette Kingod, HTML24 has expressed a positive impact in several days.

Proficient in project management

They are really good at what they are doing and they provide solutions that work. They can have their code and they very efficient in time management. They clearly state what to use from us and when, and if things do not go as planned, we’ll always get a message. They have entered into partnership with our Navision supplier, and they have had a complete professional approach.” says Mette Kingod.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Umbraco, .NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


21 days


2837 lines


Sara Vicente

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Dong case
Dong case

"HTML24 is very honest and down to earth. You can get a remark like ‘your member-database is a complete mess’. Then you'll get to think on that, and realize, that they are right, and that is good that they told us." -Mette Kingod, Communication Executive at Danske Vandværker.

Dong case


In collaboration with HTML24, Danske Vandværker has integrated their website, ERP system and webshop in a comprehensive solution. A concrete example is the digitization of a series of workstations around the creation and enrollment of the more than 100 courses held by the organization each year.




Far less administration

The solution is made to streamline and it works excellent. We do not need a lot of manual processes. Before we used up to 70 minutes to administrate a course of 30 participants – now we spend 10-15 minutes. As our systems are integrated, we also release a lot of manual entries into the ERP system and the risk of human errors in it. It has generated a huge efficiency gain” says communication executive Mette Kingod.


Dong case

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