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Amnesty works every day to create a world where every human being can enjoy human rights. The rights to get an education, the rights to get a work and healthcare, as well as freedom from discrimination, freedom to have your own opinion and viewpoint, are a few of those things, which Amnesty is working on.

But even with the best message, you still need to be able to communicate and visualize the message in a unique digital way.

The task is to create a unique digital experience for the visitors 

Since Peter Benenson founded Amnesty in 1961, the organization has grown into a global movement of more than 7 million people. In Denmark there are more than 84,000 members, which gives Amnesty a strong voice in the work for human rights.

With such a strong voice, Amnesty Denmark wanted to invest in a unique digital experience for the visitors. The purpose of the unique digital experience is to make the “strong voice” digital, where Amnesty can digitally communicate and visualize the message of human rights, which will create value for Amnesty’s target groups.

This meant that Amnesty was looking for a digital agency with expertise in optimizing their business digitally, in order to carry their “strong voice” in a unique digital way. Amnesty then came to HTML24 and now we are going on an exciting journey with the goal of supporting their mission digitally.

The first phase of a unique digital experience

The goal is to create a unique digital experience for Amnesty’s visitors. The first phase has been to transfer Amnesty’s’ DNS and server(s) from their old vendor to HTML24’s operating setup. This will help to simplify, as well as reduce the process of reaching Amnesty’s goal to make the “strong voice” digital by creating a unique digital experience for their visitors. In addition, it also enables HTML24 to provide continuous updates and support when it is needed.

The road to the unique digital experience

The second phase has just begun. The journey to make Amnesty’s “strong voice” digital and to create a unique digital experience for their visitors is still very far away. But we know that in the end, the long journey will be worth it, both for Amnesty Denmark and for their visitors. 

As we always says, “Rome was not built in a day.”


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