We are delighted to have 3 new interns at HTML24 from KEA and Copenhagen Business Academy

4. February 2020

Fernando Ceres

Meet Fernando. He is 27 years old and he is one of our two new interns from KEA, where he will be a part of our web development team until end of April.

Fernando is currently studying multimedia design and communication, which he has been doing for almost 2 years.

His focus at HTML24 will be with frontend development, which he already has some knowledge off. He has worked with frontend development for more than 6 years in Spain, and it has helped him to be very aware of new coding technologies and methods. 

In his spare time, he enjoys to practice a lot of activities from extreme sports to more classic sports, such as snowboarding and soccer.

Kevin Ta 

Meet Kevin. He is 24 years old and he will be our new marketing intern from Copenhagen Business Academy. His main focus will be on digital marketing tasks from content marketing, copywriting to SoMe posts and ads. 

Besides his work at HTML24, he also has two very flexible student jobs as waiter at Restaurant Royal Garden and an interview leader at EF High School Exchange Year. 

Kevin grew up in a small suburb called Brøndby Strand and he is on his last semester of his top-up bachelor degree in international sales and marketing. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys to go to fitness, play some FIFA, League of Legends, to spend time with his friends, family and his girlfriend. 

Razvan Paduroiu

Razvan is the second of our two new interns from KEA, and he will also be a part of our web development team until end of April. But instead of working with frontend development like Fernando, Razvan will have his focus with backend development. Here he will work with systems, such as KOEBT integration system.

Razvan is 23 years old and he has lived his whole life in Romania. But he moved to Copenhagen for a few years ago to finish his academy profession degree and now top-up bachelor degree in web development.

In his spare time, Razvan likes to keep his brain active, both in terms of playing games, especially in the genre action role-playing. But also by solving rubik’s cube, where he owns several different ones from 2×2 to 7×7.

Published 4. February 2020
Af Kevin Ta
Marketing Intern

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