Get your IT-solutions made properly! Dodgy code will cost you a fortune!

21. September 2016

Too many firms pour their money into the drain, when they purchase new IT solutions. Get your IT straight the first time!


Our (now former) Head of Development Mikkel Løkke has written yet another amazing article on the importance of order right IT solutions!
Old technology still prevails in Danish as well as international companies. They cost companies a fortune, both to develop, but in particular the maintenance and further development. And if the company who developed goes bankrupt? Well then you have a serious a problem, since no one else has a chance, to easily and properly, develop the system any further.

Let the old technologies die!

So what are the Alphas and Omagas of IT integration solutions? What is the differences, and why is these differences important?

Click here, and read more on this.


Published 21. September 2016
Af Simon Martin Miller
Head of Marketing & Growth Hacker

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