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7. September 2018

Integration provides great value for companies. By integrating various business systems, organizations can facilitate connectivity across the enterprise, automate workflows and optimize business efficiency. 

HTML24 offers robust integration solutions

By leveraging the right integration solutions, businesses can automate workflows, optimize business processes, and spend less time on manual work or worrying about creating connectivity.

With the right integration, organizations can improve their business operations without having to get rid or replace existing systems. This applies especially to the old Legacy systems.  

HTML24 is a Danish digital agency that develops integration solutions that provide organizations with all they need to establish a simple and reliable connectivity across the different systems in the enterprise. With years of extensive experience, we offer comprehensive integration solutions tailored to fit specific industry needs, regardless of what industry they may be in.


Below you can find examples of typical integration solutions for different sectors, that HTML24 has developed solutions for.

Healthcare: Allow data to stream flawlessly between healthcare and non-healthcare systems and improve staff efficiency by digitizing and automating clinical processes.

Media: Integrate a multitude of content sources with different media assets and distribution channels.

Financial & banking:  Financial systems integrated with sales, customer and marketing data. Integrate CRM, ERP or any other system in order to get real-time customer data, and speed up workflow efficiency.

Government & unions: Effective, robust and secure integration between different systems to better serve the public.

Retail and E-commerce: Accelerate the path to digital transformation with tailored solutions for the unique needs of retail environments. 24/7 connectivity is required to engage with your customers. Meet and exceed your customer expectations by being available on the web, mobile or any other channel.

Travel agencies & leisure: Digital transformation is reshaping the travel industry providing new channels that attract more tourists.

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Published 7. September 2018

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