The life as a digital marketing Intern at HTML24

13. September 2018


Written by Marian Scriban, Former digital marketing intern at HTML24.


Soon after I finished my education in Marketing I started to search for an internship.  I was motivated to find something quick so I can put my digital marketing skills to test, and at the same time to develop new ones. A good opportunity for an internship came from HTML24 and I applied straight away and in less than 3 weeks I got the interview and I got accepted.

The first result when I was searching for HTML24 online was integrations and web-development. Honestly, I didn’t know much about integrations in the first place and I started to search the web to understand more about this topic. With web-development I was familiar. I knew about all these programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc. I have a bit of experience with code and I consider myself a small beginner in the world of coders.

Working at HTML24

Right before I started my internship, my knowledge about integration was alright, I understood that companies need to integrate different business systems to have all their data in one place and to automate their workflows. Now, after almost 2 months I can see that it is much more than that. It became a more broad topic and I can see, and understand the needs of the companies and why do they need to integrate.

It took me around 2 weeks to get a grasp on how the things are done in the company, to understand clients’ needs, the services that we provide and to understand the company’s culture. The developers are the engine of the company. A team of professional, young and ambitious developers ready to take upon any digital challenge. On the other side of the company, there are the marketing and sales teams. There is where I was. The new digital marketing intern, learning about automation of workflows, digitization and how to use WordPress.

Digital Marketing, Integration, Digitalization and Table tennis

As I am working in the Marketing team, my tasks are related to copywriting and creation of content. I was pretty familiar with copywriting from my previous internship, but I had to learn more about integration and web development terms. Also, I have some other tasks where I have to make ads for Facebook and LinkedIn. This is pretty exciting.


Being a digital agency, I had to learn all the terms and services that we provide to our clients in the digital world. Terms like CMS, CRM or ERP integrations were totally new to me.  As the time went by, I became more familiar with the services that we provide and I got more experienced with WordPress and learned more about the other CMSs such as Umbraco, Joomla and Drupal.

Besides that, I’ve also gotten better at table tennis. I improved my skills a lot. There is an ongoing tournament in the company where we all compete against each other. A match during work hours, helps us reinvigorate, freshen our minds and allow us to channel that inner competitiveness. Competition is at a high level for this sport at HTML24.

Working at HTML24 is both challenging and engaging in terms of the tasks, especially for the developers because they have to deal with new tasks and clients every day. A professional and young work environment with a friendly and motivating vibe that allows employees to have a flexible schedule sometimes so they can work from home.

All in all, after almost two months I can say that I have learned a lot. Digitalization is a big topic to comprehend. Learning about the integration and web-development services that we provide and working with various clients across different industries gave me an understanding of what the companies need to adapt to in this new digital era.

Published 13. September 2018

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