Video: How does data/API integration creates value?

31. August 2018

Integrations create tremendous value for companies.

Can it create value for yours?

Data/API Integrations

What are integrations and how do they create value for your business?

An integration, in short, means having two (or more) systems/programs, to (automatically) communicate with each other. Thus, all systems will automatically be updated.

Example of HTML24’s Integrations:

  • All systems are talking together
  • Automatic bookkeeping
  • Automatic warehouse control
  • Get custom-built system to talk with other systems
  • Automatically retrieve information from the CPR registry, FMK or UNI Login

It is a complex topic that our growth hacker and head of marketing, Simon Miller, explains in a simple and understandable way, in the video below. (Video is in Danish)

From the 5:00 in the video, he explains how HTML24 has new ideas of integrations and how can we deliver integrations that are well below the market price and are more stable and more flexible than traditional integrations.




Published 31. August 2018

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