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HTML24 is a digital agency. Armed with code and solid business understanding in our baggage, we strive every day to create digital results for our clients. This blog is documenting our quest for results.

HTML24 blog - We are on a #QuestForResults

Docker – an essential tool for web development

Everyday we use different things that are not essential vital for us, but which make our life easier. Whether there are things like a car, a fridge or a mobile phone, could you imagine your life without them?  When you are working in web development, quality is not taken for granted. Every time we develop […]

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14. November 2019

The Internet – Love at first sight?

Memories with HTML24 In continuation of our previous blog about the World Wide Web (WWW) turning 30, we bring a new and more personal blog revolving the same topic. This blog is about HTML24’s staff and their first and most unforgettable memories with the internet and WWW.  With an average age under 30 years in […]

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24. October 2019

Data Integration – 5 trends that will shape your business

Data Integration – 5 trends that will shape your business As the technology is evolving at a fast pace is this digital age, taking appropriate care of information is unquestionable. Simplifying the way companies manage, share and exchange information is an important pillar in today’s business world. Data integration plays a huge role in how […]

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3. October 2019

Coding Class CPH – the future is now

The future is now As humans, we have a social responsibility for future generations to come. There are many ways to help them and it is quite hard to squeeze them all in one article. Instead, we will focus on one for the moment. It’s about Coding Class CPH. It is a project initiated by the […]

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19. September 2019

Internet of Things – a challenge of the future

Imagine that your smartphone, alarm clock, coffee maker, lamps, watch, car or anything that is powered by electricity could communicate with each other through a vast network. All devices would have a common language that helps them synchronize and make life easier. Internet of Things connects people with people, people with things and things with […]

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12. September 2019