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HTML24 is a digital agency. Armed with code and solid business understanding in our baggage, we strive every day to create digital results for our clients. This blog is documenting our quest for results.

HTML24 blog - We are on a #QuestForResults

HTML24 recommends: Best books about business and management

  HTML24’s passion for literature At HTML24 we love to read. Today we talked about our favourite books and which we would recommend for others. It quickly became evident that literature on business, management and personal growth were in high demand. Several books were mentioned but some more than others were repeated. Exceptional books such […]

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15. March 2019

New security flaw in WinRAR – 500 million PC’s in danger!

WinRAR security flaw The Hacker News reports that Cybersecurity researchers from Check Point Software have revealed a flaw in the popular Windows file compression application, WinRAR. The flaw affects all prior versions up to version 5.70 beta 1. The flaw, a remote code execution (RCE) can potentially impact up to 500 million users of the […]

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26. February 2019

Critical flaw in WordPress CMS – Update now!

Critical flaw in WordPress If you haven’t already updated your WordPress to the latest version, v. 5.0.3, then it’s a great idea to be safe and start now. Your website is potentially in great danger if you wait. On the 19th February 2019 ‘“The Hacker News”, a large IT-news company with more than 2 million followers […]

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22. February 2019

2.2 billion passwords leaked in the largest breach in history – Are you safe?

Collection #2 – 2.2 billion passwords leaked! The Collection #2 leak is huge compared to its predecessor. Under the name the Collection #1, almost 773 million email addresses and passwords were leaked on the 17th of January 2019. Forbes wrote, that the login information had been posted on a hacker forum. Thus available for anyone […]

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15. February 2019

Growth and happy customers – Annual report 2018

Today, HTML24’s annual report for 2018 was published. In mid-2017, HTML24 made a big change.We had previously been a traditional project-based digital agency. We developed project after project, month after month.However, we have never managed to find a business model that ensured that we could both: Increase the top line, month by month Keep risk […]

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23. January 2019