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HTML24 is a digital agency. Armed with code and solid business understanding in our baggage, we strive every day to create digital results for our clients. This blog is documenting our quest for results.

HTML24 blog - We are on a #QuestForResults

GDPR and you

GDPR and you The General Data Protection Regulation GDPR is nothing less of a jungle. It’s complex, huge and a hassle for a lot of companies. Many companies have a hard time grasping the scope of the new GDPR. This inspired us to develop this document blog, so that you can get a somewhat quick […]

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15. March 2018

HTML24’s Head of Development: “Every Marine a Rifleman – Every Employee a Businessman!”

Every Marine a rifleman At HTML24 we emphasize that our staff are not only experts in their subjects, such as development, but also that our employees have a thorough understanding of business. As a former artillery soldier of the Danish Marine Company Bornholm, Mikkel incorporates elements from his time in the military, to our development […]

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20. February 2017

HTML24 and the newspaper Børsen, have teamed up to put coding on the agenda. “There’s no excuse! Get to it!”

Why code? Børsen and HTML24 teamed up a few months ago. We wanted to highlight the importance of the code, and more importantly, the ability to code. Despite the danish governments increased effort on make coding classes in high schools and elementary school, we still believe that it is going too slow! Tons of Danes […]

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10. February 2017

Internship? Kickstart your career at HTML24!

Are you the best in your class? Now it’s your chance to work with some of the best in the business! HTML24 is a rapidly growing Danish digital agency located in the heart of Copenhagen. We are always searching for new interns in the software development department, if you have a passion for software development, […]

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4. January 2017

Our Head of Development: You aren’t entitled to your dream job. Rather, you must earn it!

“I deserve ….” In these days of “everyone gets a prize”, we often hear the lament: “I’ going to / have just completed my higher education, but the only jobs are either internships or jobs which requires that you have five years of experience under its belt. How do I get a job if these […]

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22. November 2016