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Integration with APIs can allow access to multiple application or hosts, reliable and faster access to data.

We build and integrate to APIs

API stands for Application Programming Interface. This tool serves as a communication path between various pieces of software and applications. Simply said, an API is the anchor point that manages how one application can talk to another, making it possible to share and exchange data between systems.

As APIs simply provide data, integration of APIs can automate the complex steps of exporting or extracting data, can save employees time and optimize business efficiency.

Benefits of API-integration  

API-integrations are everywhere in modern life, making it easy for businesses to share and exchange data. Integrating an API can automate specific tasks, which in turn will save hours of work and boost productivity.

Some other benefits include:

  • Improved team productivity
  • Possibility to connect to cloud apps
  • Easier to extract value from existing and legacy data systems
  • Possibility to create new APIs
  • Future-proofing enterprise integration

API Integrations

Specialized in integrations, automation of workflows and web-development, HTML24 helps organizations to optimize business processes. Our core specialization lays in the field of integration, and we integrate everything from CRM, ERP, website to API, applications and many more. Some examples of our work include:

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