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Your dreams are our project

Granted. We are such somebody who can get excited about good code. But we know that the code is only interesting if it makes a difference to your business. Therefore, our goal is always to build digital projects that are based on your business strategy and help you create results.

Whether it’s an advanced integration between webshop and ERP, automation of manual processes or pixel perfect frontend development to a corporate website.

If you can, we can build it.

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we meet


The course must be expressed so that we meet and match expectations so that we can determine how we can help you achieve your goals.

The destination is designated

Together, we set the frames for the project and find out which destination we are going to raise. We advise you, and together we can define the project.
Project start

We set sail

Once you have said "go" to project plan and budget, the project starts. If it lasts a few hours or more months depends entirely on the nature of the project.
Development and problem solving

The problems are broken

We fight all the issues we encountered on the road. With over 1,000 completed projects behind us, we have probably already solved the problem several times before.

Arrival at safe harbor

Once we have tested internally, we deliver to you. You should expect that there may still be mistakes or misunderstandings. In addition, you may have had new ideas. You will now need to complete a list of additions and corrections. Then we develop again and continue ping / pong until we are in goal.
Time for evaluation

What did we learn about the journey?

After corrections and problem solving we are done. Hopefully, we learned a lot during the project. Both about you, ourselves, the project and purely technical. We make sure to reflect on the course and note what we have received along the way. Both positive and negative characters.

Next trip awaits

The project is now completed and you are happy - and the same is us. Next trip is waiting on the horizon. We are always ready for new challenges.

The office

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Hearts beating
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Cups of coffee drunk
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Monitors in the office
Plants in the office
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Projects delivered

Revenue & profit

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Those we break challenges for

We can build virtually anything that’s digital, and therefore our clientele has grown wide and wide over the years. However, there are three groups, we have particularly good experience in helping:

+45 4241 6160. Call, so we will help you through the digital landscape.

Wholesalers and e-merchants

We have helped more wholesalers optimize and digitize their sales process so that they have been able to save resources by cutting out workflows that yielded minimal value. See, among other things, our cases from GA-Import A / S or F & H of Scandinavia.

ERP companies

Integration of business critical systems is the specialization of HTML24, and often the ERP system is the heart to which other systems should be connected. We are good at helping ERP companies ensure that their customers get the most value out of the ERP system.

Large companies and organisations

We are used to working with large organisations and institutions. Just look at our cases from DONG Energy, the Institute of Arbitration or Telia. We are most often hired on the basis of our highly qualified business and advisory team in combination with the strong technical profile we have as a digital agency.

At our office in Copenhagen we have a staff of 30 people, including 10 different nationalities. However, we all have one special thing in common – our desire to be involved with difficult projects with complex solutions. Over the years we have built more than 1,000 different projects for C20-listed companies, international institutions, banks, wholesalers and a variety of other exciting clients.

Once upon a time …

Bo Møller started HTML24 back in 2010. Bo was a long-time entrepreneur at that time and had worked with a number of small companies within the software and web development industry. When HTML24 started, it quickly received assignments from other agencies and companies in Denmark. During the first two years, 10 people were recruited, and in 2011 the Refshaleøen office in Copenhagen was replaced with a larger office in Prags Boulevard in Copenhagen.

Professionalism and change in strategy

In 2013 and 2014, HTML24 underwent some changes. The organization was changed, so that Bo Møller no longer had the responsibility for programming and project management. In addition, HTML24 decided to shift away from its strategy of exclusively focusing on the role of a subcontractor. In 2013 and 2014, many projects were implemented using Umbraco, WordPress, Joomla, Dynamicweb and others.

Focus on business-critical projects

In 2015, HTML24 finally decided to change strategy from being the “secret weapon” of Danish agencies to be in direct competition with even larger agencies. It was also in 2015 that HTML24 decided to introduce support and upgrade agreements, and the operation of business-critical systems. HTML24 received its first Gazelle Award in 2015 and established fixed agreements with the first 50 Danish companies, resulting in solid partnerships for the operation and support of large business-critical solutions.

On a quest for results

In 2016, HTML24 turned seven years old. All the years have had positive results, exciting projects, super-talented staff and extremely satisfying challenges. 2016 was also the year when HTML24 chose to leverage and take advantage of its internal and external communication. We spent a lot of energy to identify and articulate what drives us at HTML24. We are a competitive and adventurous agency, and therefore our new internal and external mantra – Quest for Results – represents our future direction. We love taking on challenging quests and we love to deliver results.


Code is my weapon
Problems are my prey
Results are my quest

We can help you find your way through the digital landscape. Contact us today, and let us guide you.

+45 4241 6160 or bm@html24.dk

Bo Møller, CEO.

Bo Bo