Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration: Automate your organization's processes

Nowadays, ERP systems are at the core of every business. Part of automating processes means Integrating Dynamics AX with your other important business systems such as CRM applications, your eCommerce platform, or even older legacy systems. At HTML24 we take care of that. We are specialized in integration, automation of workflows and digitization. With years of expertise in integration, our developers haven’t encountered two systems that they couldn’t integrate.

Dynamics AX Integration made easy

At HTML24 we build bridges between different business systems and departments. We help businesses facilitate automated data exchange, eliminating manual data entry processes and reducing the number of costly human errors.

Microsoft Dynamics AX integration offers a great potential for operations, human resources and financial management, procurement, sourcing and beyond. AX integration helps connect your employees, information and processes across the organization allowing you to plan, manage and control various projects in an effective way.

Advantages of Dynamics AX Integration

Integrating two or more systems enables product data, sales orders, inventory levels and customer information to move smoothly and synchronized between all systems. In addition, here are some other benefits:

  • Optimizes business processes
  • Improves financial compliance
  • Eliminate manual data entry and avoid costly errors
  • Increase the speed of data exchange
  • Centralized and consistent workflow experience
  • Powerful, flexible and tailored to your systems

Who are we?

At HTML24 we have developed numerous projects helping companies integrating different business systems, providing our clients with efficient, reliable and complex automated solutions. We’ve developed integrations for a wide range of companies including The Organization of Officers in Denmark (HOD,) Destination Bornholm, DR Koncerthuset, Greenland Travel, Rigsarkivet and many more.

Start your project with us

We automate, digitize and integrate corporate and subsidiary apps, databases, and processes in order to improve your organization’s productivity and workflow. We adapt business processes to organizational change, saving tremendous amounts of time and resources.

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