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We do awesome code for more than 250 web- and advertisement agencies in Scandinavia. In particular with focus on Dynamicweb CMS, Umbraco CMS, WordPress and mobile web. If you're in search for a stable quality provider of custom code - we're the right guys! Check out some of the cool brands we work with below.

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eCommerce for Spanvall.dk

Spanvall needed a new website with eCommerce abilities. The site has been developed by HTML24 in close collaboration with the design company Form Agenda.

Spanvall.dk has been developed on the Dynamicweb CMS 8 platform together with Dynamicweb eCommerce as the e-commerce platform. The site was designed by Form Agenda and 100% handcoded by HTML24. The site handles orders, payments and newsletters for Spanvall. It's been optimized using Google Page Speed and runs with a fancy AJAX based add-to-basket functionality.

Visit the site on www.spanvall.dk




17 days

Bo Møller

3571 lines

Case Spanvall

Development of awardsite based on a concept by Miinto and sponsored by Google, Eurowoman and MTV.

Miinto needed a cool awardstie for their fashion award 2012 (Modeblogprisen). We developed the site in WordPress and integrated it with Google+ voting functionality.

The complete design was delivered by Miinto to HTML24. We did 100% of the code and implementation in WordPress. Quite a few cool elements were made. In particular we used special fonts and lots of awesome jQuery for the small graphical details. The site was handcoded and delivered in 2 weeks.




14 days

Bo Møller

3781 lines

Case Spanvall

Facebook app for Lotto

The Danish advertisement agency People Group needed a Facebook app for Lotto. The app runs on PHP and is 100% hosted at HTML24's cloud setup.

Development and implementation was done by HTML24. The app collects dreams and displays them along with statistics specifically related to dreams. We've developed a stand-alone API for dreams and access to the database behind the system. The system uses WordPress as a backend.


Facebook API



30 days

Bo Møller

9532 lines

Case Spanvall

Fast delivery of new website for Limbo

The agency Plastiik needed a speedy delivery of a new website for the game company Playdead and used our well-known PSD to HTML service. We delivered the new website for the major game success Limbo in a matter of days!

The website is developed and implemented by HTML24. All designs were made by Plastiik and Playdead.

Visit the website on www.limbogame.org




6 days

Bo Møller

3781 lines


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